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Are you visiting Helsingborg?
Helsingborg is a town in the south of Sweden, with a lot to offer! Helsingborg is not a big town, but it is far from a small town as well. There is none of the stress or traffic you get in a bigger town, but we have an exciting range of shops, restaurants, sights and a good atmosphere.
When you are visiting Helsingborg, you will need a place to stay. The reasons why you decide to visit our town vary, but if you are looking for a hotel with a good price, Maria Inn is the given choice. Maria Inn offers rooms at a very good value.
You can choose from rooms between 1-4 beds, and all the rooms have a fully equipped kitchenette and large bathrooms.
Every morning we welcome you to our charming restaurant at the bottom floor, where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet. During the summers you can enjoy the breakfast outside in the sun.
At Maria Inn you have access to a laundry room, that is free of charge, which makes it easier for our guests who stay a longer period of time.
We also have 10 privet parking lots that our guests can rent for 40 SEK/day.
The hotel is also close to larger supermarkets and Helsingborg’s most popular bus routes.
All the rooms have their own unique style, inspired by retro and vintage.
You are very welcome to our charming hotel!


Planteringsvägen 75
252 30 Helsingborg


Telephone: +4642-13 35 50

E-mail: info@mariainn.se
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Maria Inn & Marias Bakficka
Planteringsvägen 75
252 30 Helsingborg
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