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​The vision of Maria in is a modern and flexible living. Something in between a hotel and rental apartments. There is a higher demand of something more than a hotel, both from companies and private individuals. They want their own kitchens, and rooms that you can rent for the time that you need them, without having to leave notice several months in advance when you need to leave.

The idea is also to provide fully equipped rooms, that are also personalized and stylish, with comfortable beds, good storage and a home-y feel. But equally important is a personal and warm welcome and atmosphere. For this, you need the best employees, which we have!

I bought and started to rebuild the old furnish store at Planteringsvägen 75, 2010 together with my then partner. It took two years to finish the two top floors, which were 23 rooms all together. In the pre-summer of 2012 we opened the hotel and also a restaurant in which the reception is located. Just in time for Christmas another four rooms were finished.The next big change happened in 2014, me and my partner in the company went different ways and the last seven rooms were finished, one of the rooms with its own kitchenette and bathroom, while the other six rooms have a shared kitchen and bathrooms, more like a hostel.
My ambition is to further evolve the hotel and restaurant and we will see what the future holds for us!

Agneta Lilie von Rosen


Planteringsvägen 75
252 30 Helsingborg


Telephone: +4642-13 35 50

E-mail: info@mariainn.se
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Maria Inn & Marias Bakficka
Planteringsvägen 75
252 30 Helsingborg
Tel.: 042133550